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Wharfedale Subwoofer

Do you want to have an exciting home theater experience? How would you like to experience the deep bass which makes every sound and action more enthralling? A good sound system with top notch subwoofer makes this possible. Low bass frequencies are produced by a specialized speaker known as subwoofer. These types of speakers are often large in size measuring between 8” and 15”. Enjoy a powerful audio roar pretty much like in the movie theaters when you invest in a good quality subwoofer like the WHARFEDALE SUBWOOFER.

With more than 75 years of experience, Wharfedale has set the standards in producing high performance loudspeaker systems. The company has engaged in advanced research programs in order to come up with the most thorough and integrated manufacturing process and probably the best in the industry. Since its early conception in 1932 with founder Gilbert Briggs, Wharfedale has now become a leading loudspeaker producer in the world with about 1.5 million square foot of production space dedicated to create high quality products from Hi-Fi and Home Entertainment Units to Cinema Package Home Theater System, and high end subwoofer units.

A WHARFEDALE SUBWOOFER will not only add deep base to your existing home theater system but will also extend its frequency response not possible with regular bass drivers. Enjoy the theater like sound experience with three of the most loved WHARFEDALE SUBWOOFERS which include the Powercube Plus, SW, and the Powercub  SPC series. These subwoofers will enhance audio impact and dynamics which will help bring any movie soundtrack to life.

Some of the subwoofer units from the Powercube Plus series are the PC8+, PC10+, PC12+, and the PC SUPER 15. All of these WHARFEDALE SUBWOOFER units offer both high and low level inputs with a continuous crossover adjustment. Enjoy optimum integration thanks to its phase adjustment system. All these subwoofer units also offer top notch gold plated terminals for better sound production. The PC8+ comes with a 100 WRMS power amplifier while the PC12+ comes with a 150 WRMS amplifier and about 300 for the PC12+. With about 4 types of finishes to choose from, you can integrate any of these subwoofer units in your home décor very easily.

The SW subwoofer series include the SW150, SW250, SW300, and the SW380. All these SW subwoofers offer homeowners with state of the art subwoofer system for an exciting home cinema experience. All of these units come with a filter section powered by an advance microprocessor which helps sustain signal purity. These subwoofers also offer easy user interface which comes with a remote control. The SW150 offers 150W amplifier power and an input sensitivity of 200mv/75W. The SW250 on the other hand offers 250W amplifier power and an input sensitivity of 325mv or about 150W. The SW300 offers about 300W amplifier power with maximum power output of 114dB.

Finally, the Powercube SPC is actually a series of self-powered subwoofers. Included in this series are the SPC-8, SPC-10, and the SPC-12 WHARFEDALE SUBWOOFER units. All these subwoofers offer a sensor which is located at the top of the unit’s cabinet and comes with illuminated controls. These come in beautifully sealed box design which offer better, quicker, and more intensive bass response. Enjoy better versatility with each unit. Thanks to its sufficient input and output connections.